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Testing Amazon Integration In ChannelUnity

This article describes how you can gradually start using the Amazon integration functionality within ChannelUnity. More specifically, this allows you to list new products first before allowing CU to update your existing listings.

Adding the Amazon channel via the Unity Store

The first step is to add the Amazon channel as normal via the Unity Store. This will take you into a setup wizard.

There are four steps here. The first is to assign a name and store view to this channel.

Input this information and click Next.

Link to your Amazon seller central account

Step 2 authorises ChannelUnity to communicate with your Amazon seller central account.

Click the green button provided and follow the instructions.

Next steps

When you have linked Amazon to your ChannelUnity account, you will be taken back to step 3 of the CU channel setup wizard which is to enable the various types of data feeds that you want to use.

Before going any further, click on “Listings” in the menu to exit this wizard.

This causes the last step “Link” to be skipped. The Link step scans your Amazon seller central account, and makes live in CU any products which are found in seller central.

This means that these products will the get updated by CU straight away. You may not however be ready to do this.

Listings Page

On the listings page you will see that all of the products remain in the Not Listed status. This will be the case even if you have live products on Amazon.

The fact the products are in the Not Listed status means that ChannelUnity will not be doing any updates at all for those products yet.

It doesn’t mean the products have become delisted, they are just not connected right now because we exited the setup wizard.

Channel Settings

On the Channel Settings page (on the left column) you can select the options that you wish to test.

For example if you are wanting to test product upload, then enable the Product Upload and Image Upload checkboxes.

Then navigate back to the Not Listed status and enable the individual products that you wish to try and upload. You can upload products whether or not they already exist in your seller central account under the given SKU codes. If an existing SKU is found in seller central this will get updated, and if the SKU doesn’t exist, it will get created for you.

You can do this until you are happy that ChannelUnity is creating/updating products in the way that you require.

Going Live

When you have completed your testing, and want to go live fully, you can repeat the setup wizard (under Channel Settings) again, but this time run right through the whole process.

After about 30 minutes, the scan of seller central will be complete, and ChannelUnity’s listing page will update to reflect the SKUs that it has matched from seller central.

Any SKUs that remain in the Not Listed section at this point do not exist in your Amazon account.

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