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So, in a nutshell, what is ChannelUnity? 

Think of ChannelUnity as a data ‘hub’ which allows you to sell on multiple marketplace websites (or ‘Channels’) very quickly and easily, and which then makes the ongoing management of these ‘Channels’ effortless.

Image for a moment that you have an account on 5 marketplace style websites around the world, and you need to keep them all in synchronisation with your existing online store. 

As orders come in, on your website, you have to go to each marketplace and update its stock levels. Then you notice that an order came in for the last item of stock on 4 out of 5 websites before you could cycle around to check each again. You know this will mean cancelled orders, annoyed potential customers, damaged feedbacks...

This is the problem which ChannelUnity solves. Instead of updating 5 different marketplace style websites, which could quickly become 2-3 full time jobs, we say ‘Only update your website - we’ll update the rest’.

As orders are placed on your website, our cloud listens to the stock updates taking place - Customer 1 ordered 2 bottles of that shampoo, so the stock level is now 10 - and tells every one of your marketplace listings for that shampoo as quickly as possible. Similarly, as orders are placed on one of your marketplace accounts, our cloud is listening, and updates all of your other marketplace account stock levels, as well as your own website. 

Typically, marketplace websites place orders into a fraud screening status during which customer data is not released. Because of this, we ‘reserve’ stock for new orders as soon as we know what has been ordered. This means that while the order is still alive, but in fraud screening, the items ordered will be set aside so that they aren’t sold twice.

Once an order clears fraud screening, our cloud detects this and if the order is now ready to be picked / packed / shipped, the order details are downloaded back into ChannelUnity and pushed through to your shopping cart where they appear similar to orders placed on your existing website.

From here, you’ll be able to manage orders in exactly the same way as you currently do - ship them on your website and they’ll be marked as shipped on the marketplace channel they came from, while cancelling an imported order on your website will cancel the order on the channel.

Additionally, as you make changes to your product data - Pricing, Size, Color, Shape, Material (and so on!) these updates are sent through to ChannelUnity instantly on save, and from there they’ll be pushed to your marketplace listings.

This means that with ChannelUnity, you can easily and effortlessly sell on marketplace websites around the world. There’s no extra management effort - everything is connected to your online store and you can simply run your online store with everything else taken care of for you.

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